ze BLOG: Raynorsurf


April 28, 2011
Black line is the TD, the white line is the original Nugget.

We've been working on a new version of the Nugget over the past couple of months.  The nugget TD is similar to the original Nugget in float, ease of entry and speed, but has a few more performance oriented attributes.  The newer version has a pulled in tail, and a little foam trimmed off the outline up front.  This change in outline, combined with an accelerated tail rocker, gives the board a more responsive feel, and tighter turning radius.

Andy Pierce's 5'3" Nugget TD
Daniel Jones 5'0" Nugget TD

Andy Pierce 5'3 x 19 7/8 x 2 3/8 Nugget TD

Daniel Jones 5'0" x 19 x 2 1/4 Nugget TD

DING REPAIR- scotty olson

April 03, 2011

scotty olson is the man.  one of the more consistent and reliable ding repair guys you'll ever meet.  not only does he do exceptional work, he's the kind of guy that will actually call you back (we all know how rare that is in this industry!) he actually cares about the work he does and has an uncanny eye for following the lines and contours that define your surfboard's performance characteristics- this is why we send him all our damaged boards.

his prices are pretty good too...

Surface dings                                   Nose/tail repairs 
  Small repairs (2 inch)- $20                     Small repairs (2 inch)- $30 
  Medium repairs (4 inch)- $30                    Medium repairs (4 inch)- $40
  Large repairs (6 inch)- $40                     Large repairs (6 inch)- $50
Fin repairs                                     Leash plugs- $35
  Glass on- $55
  FCS fin box- $45
  Futures fin box- $50
Buckled Boards                                  Broken Boards
  Shortboards- $50                                Shortboards- $75
  Longboards- $70                                 Longboard- $95

Epoxy repairs add an additional 20% to regular price

Prices vary depending on board's condition 



March 20, 2011
Pehrson Hawkley, Bridger Jensen, Josh Adcox
pehrson isn't just our sales/production manager for california, he's part of an elite group of USC dental students that rip...
hopefully in the next few years i can cancel my non-existent dental plan... don't let me down boys.

Japanese Tsunami Relief

March 17, 2011
Click the following link, American Red Cross, make a minimum donation of $10, and shoot me an email with the copy of the receipt or even just the receipt number.  Your donation will help support disaster relief efforts to help those effected by the earthquake in Japan, and the subsequent tsunami throughout the pacific... plus it will be good for you.


March 14, 2011
seems really simple... its not.  hours and hours and hours staring at a cold computer screen, and a little help from the boys- here's the result.
shoot me an email if you finds typo's (i have no doubt there will be,) or anything else that reveals our true lack of cumulative intelligence.


PROTOTYPE: DDR- slim fit

March 12, 2011
my new toy for the next few weeks:
my DDR's dimensions are usually 5'6 x 19 11/16 x 2 3/8...
something we're working on- creating "leaner" versions of each of our small wave models.  the board photographed is one that we just got back, its the "slim fit" version of the DDR roundtail.  here's the specs:  5'6 19 1/2 x 2 1/4...  its not just a dimensionally pulled in board, but the rails, nose foil and even tail are shaped into a more streamlined shape with a little less of the excess foam we all love...
we'll have more for you on this as the board is passed around the R&D circle.

keep an eye out for write ups on some of the other prototypes we're working on...

trade-in program

March 11, 2011
just like it sounds, but a little easier.
here's how it works:
you order a custom board, in two weeks you get your new board and trade in your old board and get the new one for HEAPS cheaper than you would normally pay. depending on the condition of the old board, i might knock $200 or even $350 off your new boards price... leaving you with only the leftover balance to pay
yupp... just like a car dealership (only waay more simple and waay less sneaky)

if you're board's in good shape, trade it in for 300, guess what?
$100 for a brand new custom surfboard!
take advantage now while you can...

there really isn't much financial gain for us, but what we really want to see happen are guys working on fine tuning they're shapes, and experimenting with more designs, at little cost.

the program has been in use for a while, but was previously reserved for an exclusive group of team riders, so we're gonna see how this goes for the next few months.

also, this is really meant for the guys who have already a raynor shape, but if anyone really wants to trade in another board, shoot me and email with details on the board you'd wanna trade and we'll go from there!