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Special Delivery

August 12, 2010
...On the way back to LA from the deliveries in San Diego from the most recent batch.
Only a few left to place in the hands of a few happy people. The little Honda we borrowed all summer was a champ (thanks Budge)... at one point, we fit 18 boards in this car at one time.

latest batch...

August 02, 2010
to everyone waiting... the hour is near.  just "popped in" to the glass shop, looks like we're only about a week out.  be expecting a phone call sometime late next week.

back at it...

July 21, 2010
Its been a couple of heavy days...
8 boards on Monday, 6 boards on Tuesday, and 10-15 foot Wedge on Wednesday...
needless to say, i have an unpleasant combo of foam dust and sand in EVERY orifice.
Check back soon... MORE TO COME

nose logos

May 30, 2010

some people are ok with logo placement on the nose... i don't think i could pull it off.  god bless anyone who's willing to stare at my name for two hours each day.
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