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Turtle Bay Masters presented by Kahuku Grill

December 28, 2010
Finalists: (left to right) Shem Hannemann, Andy Pierce, Conrad Carr, Brian Poppleton, and Contest Director Blake Baxter.
The boys got it done a few weeks ago at the turtle bay masters making heats in really challenging conditions.  Out of the top 8 placing surfers, 5 were riding Raynor boards.
1. Conrad Carr
2. Shem Hannemann
3. Andy Pierce
4. Brian "Poppy" Poppleton
5. Cameron Rondo
5. Matty Raynor
6. Seth Hannemann
6. Jeff Facer
Team Riders, Andy Pierce and Conrad Carr

Rob Harmon

December 14, 2010

Black Friday Sale

November 22, 2010

any order on ANY custom board under 6'4 from now until Friday, Nov 26 will be $395.
just get me your order this week, friday is the last day- custom boards generally take 1-2 weeks from the time we get your order.
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October 09, 2010

The Missing Link

October 08, 2010

This is it.  
I've been riding DDR's more than any other board for the last 6+ months, so when the waves get good, i tend to think i should jump on a more "standard" shortboard, and usually end up wishing i had just surfed the DDR anyways.  
 the idea came back in August at the US Open, while working for Quiksilver.  i had to stare at one of Julian Wilson's boards for a solid week- a short, fishier round tail shaped by Luke Short (LSD surfboards).  i talked to julian a lot about the board- where he would want to use it, what conditions it worked best in, how it felt, etc.  Julian put me in touch with Luke, we emailed back and forth, and i ended up riding one of the boards luke made.  
The Missing Link is a mutation of Julian's/Luke's boards- a little more tail rocker, and a deep single to slight double concave, giving the board maximum lift for weaker waves, but lots of release and drive off the tail.  as a round tail it feels really smooth and still holds, but the boards wider outline creates an ULTRA versatile surfboard.  this is the board for those who want a little more board than a DDR or fish, but still less board than your "typically" dimensioned surfboard.  

Pike's "boombox" nugget

October 07, 2010
pike finally gave in... FINALLY.  this is the "nugget."  its a board i've worked on and ridden since i was 16 years old.  the template came from an old single fin i made when i was whittling foam at the haut surfboard factory in santa cruz, and soon evolved to a thruster that works in just about anything.  comparable to the Santa Cruz Pumpkin Seed (by comparable i mean- VERY comparable), which has been dubbed the "swiss army knife" of surfboards.  

Tim Vidmar's 5'0" DDR

August 21, 2010

Tim sent me a few photos of his freshly painted, freshly cured 5'0" (yes...that's 5 foot 0 inches... made special for a 125 pounder.) I should have charged him for the extra hour it took to rig up some racks in the shaping room that were small enough to shape this thing up.