DING REPAIR- scotty olson

scotty olson is the man.  one of the more consistent and reliable ding repair guys you'll ever meet.  not only does he do exceptional work, he's the kind of guy that will actually call you back (we all know how rare that is in this industry!) he actually cares about the work he does and has an uncanny eye for following the lines and contours that define your surfboard's performance characteristics- this is why we send him all our damaged boards.

his prices are pretty good too...

Surface dings                                   Nose/tail repairs 
  Small repairs (2 inch)- $20                     Small repairs (2 inch)- $30 
  Medium repairs (4 inch)- $30                    Medium repairs (4 inch)- $40
  Large repairs (6 inch)- $40                     Large repairs (6 inch)- $50
Fin repairs                                     Leash plugs- $35
  Glass on- $55
  FCS fin box- $45
  Futures fin box- $50
Buckled Boards                                  Broken Boards
  Shortboards- $50                                Shortboards- $75
  Longboards- $70                                 Longboard- $95

Epoxy repairs add an additional 20% to regular price

Prices vary depending on board's condition 


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