trade-in program

just like it sounds, but a little easier.
here's how it works:
you order a custom board, in two weeks you get your new board and trade in your old board and get the new one for HEAPS cheaper than you would normally pay. depending on the condition of the old board, i might knock $200 or even $350 off your new boards price... leaving you with only the leftover balance to pay
yupp... just like a car dealership (only waay more simple and waay less sneaky)

if you're board's in good shape, trade it in for 300, guess what?
$100 for a brand new custom surfboard!
take advantage now while you can...

there really isn't much financial gain for us, but what we really want to see happen are guys working on fine tuning they're shapes, and experimenting with more designs, at little cost.

the program has been in use for a while, but was previously reserved for an exclusive group of team riders, so we're gonna see how this goes for the next few months.

also, this is really meant for the guys who have already a raynor shape, but if anyone really wants to trade in another board, shoot me and email with details on the board you'd wanna trade and we'll go from there!

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