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Raynor/Groff Art Collaboration

April 25, 2014
RAYNORGROFF3 We're excited to be able to team up local artist, Danielle Groff, and offer her artwork on our boards. check out more art from Danielle at www.daniellegroff.com or to add board art to a board, check out the board art page here:  board art

Tom Takes his 5'3 Ascendant to Turtle Bay

April 25, 2014
45 minutes of tom williams trying out a revision of the ASCENDANT, 5'3 x 20 1/4 x 2 5/8 at Turtle Bay Resort.

ASC tom TBAY from matty raynor on Vimeo.

South American Customs

April 25, 2014
we recently spent some time in South America, experiencing the people, meeting the surfers and learning waves and conditions. We're sending a few boxes down south, specifically to those in northern peru and ecuador. to get a spot in one of these boxes set to go out in the next 3-4 weeks, shoot us an email @ info@raynorsurf.com

Daniel Jones, backyard frolicking. 5'1 Ascendant

April 25, 2014
Itty Bitties from matty raynor on Vimeo. In preparation for the summer slowdown, Dan ordered a 5'1 Ascendant... shot just a little before dark, here's his first surf on it.

Tropical Blends Mural

April 25, 2014
photoJust a fraction of the mural on the outside of TROPICAL BLEND's new shop on Pohukaina St in town. Not sure who the artist is, will find out and update.

Used/ Second Hand Hawaii

April 25, 2014
Used boards and team trades are once again beginning to stack up... time to get rid of a few! check out http://raynorshop.com/collections/boards for the latest additions to the pile. for questions on boards, dimensions or shipping quotes, email us at info@raynorsurf.com

The BLACKSTAMP goes cold water...

April 25, 2014
Down South from cliff kapono on Vimeo. Hilo's Cliff Kapono is pursuing a gnarly doctorate in science at the University of California San Diego. While the tall, long-haired regular foot is heavily-clad in neoprene and booties, it's nice to see that Cliff is still getting barreled while on the mainland. Checkout this edit of Cliff Kapono getting shacked and steezy down South on Raynor Surf's BLACKSTAMP model.
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