The Missing Link

This is it.  
I've been riding DDR's more than any other board for the last 6+ months, so when the waves get good, i tend to think i should jump on a more "standard" shortboard, and usually end up wishing i had just surfed the DDR anyways.  
 the idea came back in August at the US Open, while working for Quiksilver.  i had to stare at one of Julian Wilson's boards for a solid week- a short, fishier round tail shaped by Luke Short (LSD surfboards).  i talked to julian a lot about the board- where he would want to use it, what conditions it worked best in, how it felt, etc.  Julian put me in touch with Luke, we emailed back and forth, and i ended up riding one of the boards luke made.  
The Missing Link is a mutation of Julian's/Luke's boards- a little more tail rocker, and a deep single to slight double concave, giving the board maximum lift for weaker waves, but lots of release and drive off the tail.  as a round tail it feels really smooth and still holds, but the boards wider outline creates an ULTRA versatile surfboard.  this is the board for those who want a little more board than a DDR or fish, but still less board than your "typically" dimensioned surfboard.  

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