ze BLOG: Raynorsurf

Red Rocket

October 15, 2014

a large point break board, heading to Ecuador, for a very special friend who particularly like really large things.

#redrocket #outofseason #fordownsouff

National Champions, Kamehameha.

September 03, 2014

Huge congratulations to these boys and girls and their coaches! Kamehameha Surf team, National Champions. #doingwork #welldone #soproud


September 03, 2014

Who needs acetone anyways...

MInt n' Chip

September 03, 2014

My favorite ice cream is Mint and Chip. Sometimes I just gotta treat myself. 5'3 ascendant: 20 1/4 x 2 5/8 Marko stringerless Eps #customformatty

Boards for Boobies

September 03, 2014
Here's one for all the mom's out there fighting. Instagram deleted our #boardsforboobies hashtag... what a shame. Last year all your orders with a little pink integrated into them raised just under $3k for Breast Cancer Research. Way to go everybody, and thanks for the continued support. Help save a mom. Add a little pink, even if there isn't a "hashtag" to go along with it. #boardsforboobies #happymadasday #dogood

Ricky Enchanique, Blackstamp.

September 03, 2014

Ricky Enchanique, Getting some.  Blackstamp.  


September 03, 2014

what to do... what to do?