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California Customs: Feb 08-12

January 19, 2015

Hey west coast friends, 

I'm gonna be heading to Southern California from February 8th, through the 12th or so for a quick-strike, 4 day shaping bender.  

I'll be shaping up in Newport Beach/Costa Mesa the first few days, then heading down the road a bit to San Clemente to wrap it all up.  I'll also be doing custom color while i'm there.  

I'm gonna try to have all the orders capped off and ready to go by Jan 31, so i can show up and have everything ready to go.

I can only do around 30 boards or so in the short time i have, so feel free to email me directly:  matty@raynorsurf.com 




KULAIWI by Cliff Kapono

January 06, 2015

Kulaiwi from cliff kapono on Vimeo.

So stoked to make it home and get a little break from the studies. Even though the waves weren't the most epic, it was enough to practice some turns Kealoha, Bertlemann, and Kaluhiokalani style. Looking forward to 2015.

Shot by @lauren_kapono @theslippersaltwaterchronicles @apala_hammah

Mahalo Josh for letting me use the 5'9'' DDR
Mahalo Aloha for letting me use the 9'4" Single Fin
and Mahalo Matty for letting me smash up the Handshaped 5'10" Kalapana mango flavor



Last Delivery of 2014

December 17, 2014

Last drop-off of 2014 for me, and it was a really special one. Nothing makes me feel happier about what I do than feeding off the excitement of a kid with a fresh one. This is Elyjah, an up and coming grom you've probably seen at vland and around the north shore. He's one of those kids you see in the water, tripling your wave count and making 1 footers look like dream waves. Good things to come. 

Heavy Snowfall on Mt. Naupaka

December 14, 2014

Heavy Snowfall on Mt. Naupaka tonight... and it all begins with a little butt-crack

...and ends with a Beak or two. 

5 tree speed trimming...

November 26, 2014

Tom Williams, 5 tree Nugget speed trim, captured by Blake Wurtzler


November 24, 2014

The sun came out for the first time all day so Diego's dad, Mark, could take this photo. That seems to be kind of how the Ferri’s roll. I generally try to keep the “bro-isms” to a minimum and rarely use the word “stoked," but whenever this little man and his family drop by there’s nothing else to describe the enthusiasm- its contagious. 

Kalapana Single- Grape Flavour

November 19, 2014

Grape Koolaide flavored Kalapana Single- built by hand here in Hawaii, now gliding around North County San Diego.