Shooting Blanks.

"Earlier this winter, North Shore shaper Matty Raynor took an unorthodox approach to cutting a blank. Where as he would normally mow through the foam, finely sand the rails, and take the utmost precaution to ensure that he had dialed in the shape perfectly, Matty opted to just glass the damn thing. Yep, he just glassed a blank. “I’d been looking at this style of blank at Fiberglass Hawaii for a while, and every time I saw it I would think to myself: Ya know, I bet you could surf this blank pretty much as it is,” says Raynor. “And you pretty much could. I may sound like the anti-shaper here, and by no means am I taking anything away from what we do as a profession, but it just goes to show that no matter how much care and creativity we put into new design, if you’re a good surfer and have the basic template underneath your feet, you can still rip,” adds Raynor with a laugh. “That being said, I promise the boards we shape are still infinitely better than if you were to just glass a blank.” In the clip above, Daniel Jones, Ulu boy, and Andrew Jacobson prove Matty’s theory holds water."

          -Jeff Mull, Surfer Magazine.


Shooting Blanks from Raynorsurf on Vimeo.


No gadgetry, no gimmicks.  No new "complex flex-regulating constructions" here.

No statements, no sales pitch.  

Welcome to a "fuckery-free" zone, where a few friends play around on a sealed chunk of raw foam.

Its for fun.








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