Storytime: Accidental Tomo

Been a lot of buzz about the board Stu Kennedy was riding at snapper.
I agree with most- whatever it was looked really good.  
This a board from last summer.
It was a blank that had fallen off the rack, and then “salvaged” by cutting out the smashed tail and matching it on the other side.
It was originally a standard Ranga with a few tweaks incorporating a couple of channels leading into the break points of a “diamanallow” (half diamond, half swallow-tail shape.)  
The idea was to add a few channels which correlated with the break points of the diamond, and swallow- which would hopefully push water through the fins and keep it running out the tail, creating lots of speed and forward thrust.
I was almost done with the blank when I made a silly mistake that let the tail end of the board fall off the shape rack, onto the floor, smashing one side of the tail. I quickly got another blank all set to replace it, and added the blemished blank into a stack of other “misfires” in my shape room.  
A few weeks later, with extra time on my hands, I decided to add the wing, and curve out the diamond tail points which had been crushed, and then foiled it to fit the rest of the board.  
It went through glass, and then sat on a rack of boards in my shed, until someone picked it up.  
never heard if it went good or not.  

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