The Pounders Roundup

Matty and Isaiah Walker judged the single heat, with the help of Isaiah's son as spotter.

The Pounders Roundup went down last saturday at Pounders Beach on the Eastside.  Although its a bodyboard meet, contest organizers allowed us to sponsor and run a single, eight-man heat of surfers in the 2-3 foot shore break.  Matt Stigliano found the highest single wave score with a 7.5 for a barrel to closeout re-entry combo.  Good fun at Pounders.
1.  Maka Desoto    
2.  Chase Carlston
3.  Matt Stigliano
4.  Koa Fanara
5.  Jake Fullmer
6.  Craig Muirhead
7.  Makana Mozo
7.  Jack Soren

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