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The KalaPugget a more retro version of our popular Nugget model (the oldest design in our line.) 

It is similar in rocker and outline, but has added glide and stability as a result of blending the proven attributes of the nugget, with some more traditional elements.


The KalaPugget features a healthy “beak-nose” that pulls a lot of volume up front, which helps with paddling and wave catching, and provides the surfer with easy down the line momentum.  


To help balance this forward shift of volume and weight, the KalaPugget also features a unique concave on the deck of the nose which limits the amount of “bulk” ahead of your front foot that can make boards like these less sensitive.  This concave in the nose in combination with the beak and a retro-ish beveled rail, results in a board that is fun and glidey, but also lively and loose.