5'8" DDR: 19 1/2 x 2 3/8


5'8 DDR: 19 1/2 x 2 3/8

Volume 27.92 cl

Stringerless Marko Eps with Prolink Epoxy


Local Pickup in Laie

Shipping on this item should be around $100- $125 anywhere in the continental USA, depending on address.

"The DDR is a board you'd find directly in between a fish and your high performance shortboard.  Its been a great seller because it attracts two polar opposite market segments- it appeals to the high-performance surfer- guys who surf well, and are looking to gain advantages in smaller weaker conditions without going "full fish," and it also does really well for guys who are typically riding fuller, fishier equipment and want to step up the performance without feeling the "fish hangover" that often occurs while transitioning from easy, floaty equipment to something more progressive.   

The DDR is fun and versatile, shorter and wider, with fuller rails, and a really relaxed rocker profile.  It bridges the gap between bad waves and high performance surfing by allowing you to get the speed and momentum we all want without sacrificing the performance you demand."

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