Waiola 100% coconut water was designed with the minimal-ist wisdom of less is better.The sole ingredient of this all-natural beverage is coconut water with no added sweeteners or preservatives. Every production run is tested to ensure that the nutritional facts listed on the Tetra Pak are the actual contents of the box.

Waiola offers one of the lowest amounts of sugar (6 grams) and highest amounts of potassium (730 milligrams) per serving (250 milliliters) than any other coconut water on the market. It is Non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) Project Verified with the goal to offer consumers a premium, healthy product that is 100% pure. Reflecting the purity of Waiolas coconut water is the branding package, which was designed by eclectic tastemaker Jun Takahashi.

Takahashis label, Undercover collaborated with heavy hitting apparel brands like A Bathing Ape, Nike and UNIQLO. As a marathon-runner, the Japanese designer knows about the health benefits of coconut water and captured that naturally untouched hydration into a simple and clean branding package. Takahashi designed the four navy bars on the 250ml Waiola Tetra Pak to repre- sent the key benefits of our coconut water: low sugar, high potassium, no preservatives and non-GMO.

While Takahashi is responsible for Waiolas aesthetic appeal, iconic aloha-wear designer and Hawaiian artisan Sig Zane provides the brands spiritual relevance. Zane is the cultural ambas- sador of Waiola and is a purveyor and practitioner of Hawaiiana as an avid surfer, fisherman, hula dancer and intellectual. He named the locally owned and operated coconut water company, Waiola,which means Water of Life.With Sigs guidance, Waiola is prepared to hydrate the world with naturally untouched coconut water while honoring the Hawaiian roots of the brand.



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