The Hipster17




The HIPster..  

Originally designed for some of the contest kids to ride for high performance surfing in weaker waves, the HIPSTER was quickly adopted by those seeking a reliable HP shortboard for everyday conditions. The HIPSTER’s defining feature is the straighter, fuller outline that breaks into a blended “hip” just above your front fins- rapidly narrowing the tail area under your backfoot.

This "hipped" outline combined with a relaxed, natural rocker profile generates a lot of speed off of the center of the board while maintaining more of a "controlled chaos" feel off of the back foot- quick and drivey with a tail curve and fin cluster combo that allows the board to release on command.  

This has become the favorite high performance shortboard that works well in any conditions you'd typically want a shortboard for, but out performs other boards in its class in waves head high and smaller.  






18.25″ 2.13″ 22.0
5’5″ 18.38″ 2.13″ 22.5
5’6″ 18.5″ 2.2″ 23.6
5’7″ 18.75″ 2.25″ 24.9
5’8″ 19″ 2.32″ 26.3
5’9″ 19.25″ 2.38″ 27.7
5’10″ 19.50″ 2.38″ 28.5
5'11″ 19.75″ 2.43″ 29.9
6’0″ 20.00″ 2.50″ 31.4
6’2″ 20.50″ 2.63″ 34.5
​*Recommended dimensions are merely a starting point- any numbers shown can be tweaked/altered to yield a desired length or volume.  

Rocker — Medium low entry, relaxed tail rocker

Bottom Contours — Moderate Single to Double Concave.  Flat out the tail.

Rails — A bit fuller in volume for forgiveness, but turned down to maintain a bit of "bite." 

Tail —Squash, Rounded Squash, Swallow

Fin Setup— Thruster.  Can be set up as a 5-fin to be ridden with quad option.  

Recommended Technologies— Standard Poly, EPS/Epoxy, Varial or Futureflex