The Delano



The Delano is a new, up-to date High Performance shortboard, featuring a deep single concave through the majority of the bottom and a more pulled in, responsive tail.  The rich amount of concave through the bottom serves to channel heaps of water into the fin cluster and out the tail and creates lots of lift and speed without much user interaction.  All this speed and lift alone, creates a bit of a "runaway train" situation, which has been neutralized by narrowing the back half of the outline through the tail, anchoring the board and translating all that speed and lift into drive, control, and projection.  The rocker profile is fairly robust- lots of curve from the entry and further accelerating through the tail.  The Delano prefers waves with a little punch, and likes to remain in, or close to the pocket, going top to bottom with ease and gripping through fuller, high speed rail carves.  It is designed to do well in waves that are chest high and bigger- but will perform better in a chest high punchy wave, than a double overhead mush ball.