The Ascendant



the ASCENDANT is a really fun performance oriented-sub groveler. originally designed to be more of a cruiser in the weakest waves around, we wanted to build a board that could compete with the long boarders, but still be fun and lively. we wanted to be able to sit in the same take off spot, "two stroke" into waves but actually be able to turn and flow from rail to rail easily- even in waves with little opportunity. over the past year, it has been adopted as a favorite for dismal, small, and weak conditions due to its ability to perform far beyond what it was built for. the ASCENDANT is great for riding waves you didn't think could be fun, but can still handle a punchy section when on offer. 


ASC tom TBAY from matty raynor on Vimeo.

Itty Bitties from matty raynor on Vimeo.

gale force winds from matty raynor on Vimeo.

Daniel san, Ascendant "HAMBRE" from matty raynor on Vimeo.

 Cliff Kapono, 5'5 Ascendant.