The Red Ranga is the love child of the ever popular Ranga and the ultra high performance Delano model.

This all-arounder is quite a bit more user-friendly than the Delano and has become a very versatile, wide-point forward, easy to paddle board that caters to those wanting a more conventional, practical shortboard, without going "full groveler."  It suits anyone who fancies more kick and sensitivity off the tail, while catering to “everyday” conditions.

The Red Ranga should be ordered 1-2" shorter, and around 1/4” wider than your standard shortboard. 


5’5″ 18.00″ 2.13″ 21.71
5’6″ 18.25″ 2.13″ 22.95
5’7″ 18.38″ 2.18″ 23.54
5’8″ 18.50″ 2.18″ 24.0
5’9″ 18.63″ 2.25″ 25.32
5’10″ 18.88″ 2.32″ 27.47
5’11″ 19.13″ 2.38″ 28.2
6’0″ 19.38″ 2.44″ 30.25
6’1″ 19.63″ 2.50″ 31.15
6’2″ 19.88″ 2.50″ 32.07
​*Recommended dimensions are merely a starting point- any numbers shown can be tweaked/altered to yield a desired length or volume.  

Rocker — Medium entry, Medium Full tail rocker

Bottom Contours — Deep Single to Flat

Rails — A bit beefier and more forgiving than your standard shortboard

Tail — Squash or Round, or even go Baby Swallow

Fin Setup— Thruster  

Recommended Technologies— Standard Poly, EPS/Epoxy, Varial or Futureflex

The RedRanga runs a deep single concave just behind the front foot which gradually shallows as it channels water to through the fins and out the tail with a smooth, fuller-nosed outline coming into a tight and progressive tail.  The entry rocker is a bit more relaxed which helps with paddling and seemlessly transitions into a semi-staged "flatter" center rocker for planing speed and gradually accelerates into more lifted tail. 






Koa Yokota- 5'9 x 18 3/4 x 2 3/16 

   Photo: Runnels

 Anthony O'Brien- 5'9 RedRanga shot by Jackie Fiero

Anthony O'Brien- 5'9 Red Ranga shot by Jackie Fiero