Patrick Calderon


Meet Patrick Calderon:

Serious dog lover, part-time centaur, all-the-time intern.  Patty, or "trish" as we like to call him, was born and raised down the road in ka'a'awa, and has taken the "intern" role to a whole new level.  Whether its last minute babysitting, after dark blank delivering, painting boards, running credit cards, or you need somebody to film on a weird new prototype- Patrick does it all very, very well.  He's a bit of a style master, can ride anything and make it look fun.  He's basically made out of rubber, he hates every kind of plastic known to man, and can't go anywhere without having to run off and catch up with someone he sat next to for a few days in 10th grade at Kahuku.  Hardcore root beer enthusiast, lousy filmer, he has hundreds of photos of dogs dressed up as people, and knows every word to every Adele song by heart.  Quirky, punctual, gifted in the art of speaking Australian...

We all dread the day that he gets a "real job."

Everybody loves Patrick.   Check out his shit: