Missing Link 17





The Missing Link is a QUIVER KILLER. 

If you bred a highly refined performance shortboard with a performance sub-groveler, this would be their offspring.

The Missing Link is the board for those who don't like to make decisions- it works everywhere. 

We've pulled all of attributes that make HighPerformance grovelers work so well, and married them with the continuous rocker, tuned up rail shape and refined edges and curves you'd feel from a HighPerformance shortboard.  This board is very user-friendly and forgiving and works for all of skill levels.  

The Missing Link will feel more like a groveler until the surf gets punchy and then will perform on rail, and hold its edge like a board built for good waves.  






18.25″ 2.13″ 22.0
5’5″ 18.38″ 2.13″ 22.5
5’6″ 18.5″ 2.2″ 23.6
5’7″ 18.75″ 2.25″ 24.9
5’8″ 19″ 2.32″ 26.3
5’9″ 19.25″ 2.38″ 27.7
5’10″ 19.50″ 2.38″ 28.5
5'11″ 19.75″ 2.43″ 29.9
6’0″ 20.00″ 2.50″ 31.4
6’2″ 20.50″ 2.63″ 34.5
​*Recommended dimensions are merely a starting point- any numbers shown can be tweaked/altered to yield a desired length or volume.  

Rocker — Medium low entry, relaxed tail rocker

Bottom Contours — Moderate Single to Double Concave.  Flat out the tail.

Rails — A bit fuller in volume for forgiveness, but turned down to maintain a bit of "bite." 

Tail —Round tail

Fin Setup— Thruster or 5 fin- goes really well as a quad.

Recommended Technologies— Standard Poly, EPS/Epoxy, Varial or Futureflex