LeFrenchie Twin




Summer 2016 ushered in the resurgance of the Twin Keel fin fish design.  

The TweenQueen is a play-off of the retro fish that we all know and love, with a few more contemporary design elements that help to blend its ultra forgiving design with a few more precision oriented curves.

It paddles with ease, glides over flat water and still holds through high speed carves due to an incredibly efficient water flow from nose to tail.  

Its a board that can handle a variety of approaches and is very responsive to user interaction- keep your back foot further forward to get more glide and flow, then step back for more sensitivity and bite when desired.  They go.




5’0″ 20″ 2.0″ 24.9
5’2″ 20.5″ 2.18" 28.67
5’4″ 20.75″ 2.25 31.0
5’6″ 21.0″ 2.38″ 34.3
5’8″ 21.38″ 2.5" 38.0
5’10″ 21.5″ 2.63″ 41.3
6’0″ 21.75" 2.75″ 45.0
6’2″ 22" 2.8″ 47.9
*Recommended dimensions are merely a starting point- any numbers shown can be tweaked/altered to yield a desired length or volume.  

Rocker — Very Relaxed from nose to tail.

Bottom Contours — Hull entry, slight single to double vee, deepening off the tail.

Rails — Full, turned down rail-banded rail shape.

Tail — Deep Swallow.

Fin Setup— Twin.  

Recommended Technologies— Standard Poly, glassed heavy.

The TweenQueen runs a slight vee entry to break water, into a relaxed single concave which gradually splits into a double concaved vee between your feet.  This contour accelerates in depth as it works water through the fins and out the corresponding tail points which results in a easy transition for water to migrate, creating a high-gliding rail to rail feel.






The Tween Queen from Patrick Calderon on Vimeo.


5'4 TweenQueen