The HBproto is a new, user friendly daily driver thats been going really well for intermediate to advanced surfers.  Although its a “new release," its really been a work in progress over the past couple of years and has become a favorite among the contest kids and “everyday” guys alike.
Its got a relaxed entry rocker and a bit more of a medium tail rocker which is accentuated by a healthy vee off the tail which increases the curve in the rail line, allowing for fuller rail use while maintaining a lot of drive.  The HBproto has a bit of a fuller nose, and a wide-point forward outline, with a blended “bump” squash tail, resulting in an easy to ride high performance shortboard that is very versatile and reliable.  
It tends to work best in average waist high surf to a couple feel over head.


5’5″ 18.00″ 2.13″ 21.71
5’6″ 18.2″ 2.18″ 22.95
5’7″ 18.38″ 2.18″ 23.54
5’8″ 18.50″ 2.18″ 24.0
5’9″ 18.63″ 2.25″ 25.32
5’10″ 18.88″ 2.32″ 27.47
5’11″ 19.13″ 2.38″ 28.2
6’0″ 19.38″ 2.44″ 30.25
6’1″ 19.63″ 2.50″ 31.15
6’2″ 19.88″ 2.50″ 32.07
​*Recommended dimensions are merely a starting point- any numbers shown can be tweaked/altered to yield a desired length or volume.  

Rocker — Medium entry, relaxed tail rocker

Bottom Contours — Single-Double-Vee

Rails — Standard rail volume

Tail — Squash or Swallow

Fin Setup— Thruster  

Recommended Technologies— Standard Poly, EPS/Epoxy, Varial or Futureflex








Raynorsurf - HB Proto from Free Candy Productions on Vimeo.

Tom Williams- 5'9" HBproto