Free Candy Productions

Two or three years ago, I captioned the third episode of what was then "free candy" with the following preface...


"free candy is basically the result of what happens when you arm a small army of north shore groms who just got driver's licenses with surfboards and a camera or two..."


from their website:
Free Candy Is a Youthful movement of surf/lifestyle videos. It is driven by surfers who film surfers, making it an easy system that doesn’t slow down. We make Free Candy shirts from time to time to help spread the word about the movement.
Free Candy was originally started in a classroom at Kahuku High School. It was an idea to make a Surf Video about a road trip up the west coast in a “free candy van”  and has since become a full-fledged production company (free candy van road trip still in the works...)


A Summer Day With Adele from Free Candy Productions on Vimeo.

Seasons - Daniel Jones from Free Candy Productions on Vimeo.