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Watu: The story of a coast's first visitors

July 19, 2015

Watu is a modern interpretation of an ancient story about the first Polynesian visitors to make contact with North America.  They were received by the Native people but after pressing their hopes of one day returning home, the indigenous community created a rainbow bridge for them.  Some Polynesians stayed while the rest crossed the rainbow bridge back to their homeland.  In this short film, two Native Hawaiians also exhibit the same yearning for a sense of place as their ancestors did so long ago.  Hearing the story, they search for this "rainbow bridge."  During their search, what they finds the ocean.  The waves become their bridge and the connection to Hawaii is strengthened.

Alongside Surfer Magazine and RED Camera Cinema, our good friends Cliff Kapono and Jensen Young-Sik set out to provide audiences with a refreshing take on California's history and the importance of home.

Watch the film on surfermag.com



KULAIWI by Cliff Kapono

January 06, 2015

Kulaiwi from cliff kapono on Vimeo.

So stoked to make it home and get a little break from the studies. Even though the waves weren't the most epic, it was enough to practice some turns Kealoha, Bertlemann, and Kaluhiokalani style. Looking forward to 2015.

Shot by @lauren_kapono @theslippersaltwaterchronicles @apala_hammah

Mahalo Josh for letting me use the 5'9'' DDR
Mahalo Aloha for letting me use the 9'4" Single Fin
and Mahalo Matty for letting me smash up the Handshaped 5'10" Kalapana mango flavor



Heavy Snowfall on Mt. Naupaka

December 14, 2014

Heavy Snowfall on Mt. Naupaka tonight... and it all begins with a little butt-crack

...and ends with a Beak or two. 

Kalapana Single- Grape Flavour

November 19, 2014

Grape Koolaide flavored Kalapana Single- built by hand here in Hawaii, now gliding around North County San Diego.  

Cliff Vision

November 08, 2014

Some Saturday morning SPAM and eggs with Cliff Kapono, riding the Kalapana.